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Some people get to live the dream.
Meet Saskia Webber


Born and raised in Princeton New Jersey, Saskia Webber showed early interest in the game of soccer, which she would eventually dominate through the 1990’s as one of the top goalkeepers of the decade. A four-year starter for Rutgers University, Saskia made First Team All American and Adidas Goalkeeper of the Year.  She continues to hold two school records: most shut-outs (32) and most saves (413).  Saskia’s stellar achievements on the soccer field later earned her an induction into the Rutgers Olympic Hall of Fame.

Saskia became a member of the United States National Team at the age of 18.  After a stint playing soccer professionally in Japan for Oki from 1996-1998, Saskia then went on to play for the New York Power for three years.  Her nine year run on the U.S. National Team was punctuated by a first place finish in the 1999 World Cup, a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics, and a third place finish in the 1995 World Cup.

In addition to her years as a player, Saskia has been an assistant coach at the University of North Carolina and Rutgers University.  In the 1990’s Saskia worked as an Assistant Director of Soccer Plus camps and ran goalkeeper training at the University of North Carolina summer camps.

Soccer America named Saskia “Goalkeeper of the Decade” for the 1990’s.

We asked Saskia to watch Blast The Ball and give us her open and honest impressions of the video.

Dear Coach V,

I just finished reviewing Blast The Ball and thought I would jot down some of my opinions and thoughts.

Blast The Ball doesn't miss a beat. Every way of striking the ball is covered and explained in a way that a beginner, intermediate or professional player can learn from.

You don’t just deconstruct striking the ball, you break down everything from the parts of the ball, foot and swing to where your eyes, body position and follow through should be.

I love the way you break down the swing path and striking point with the rope and marker....I have never seen anything so simple but so effective.

There are so many “myths” out there and improper techniques. Blast The Ball is the truth and the right teaching tool.

Having Blast the ball in your bag is like training every day with the best strikers in the world. It is the best training tool you can have.  From the fundamentals of striking the ball to drills to help you refine it, Blast the Ball is something no footballer should be without.
Goalkeepers beware, when the world starts to use the Blast the Ball system, our job is going to get much, much harder.

Thanks again,

Saskia Webber


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